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5 Assets for Entrepreneurs

Assets are the building blocks for your business. Your financial assets are the traditional tools for measuring business success, but four other assets are equally important: Social, Human, Personal and Physical Assets all play a role.

The PAROBiz team will help you to work with each asset, so that you can cope with challenges and explore possibilities in a planned yet flexible way. With each assessment, and at each step, you will learn more about yourself and how to grow your business.

By understanding your asset strengths and challenges, you will become more resilient to shocks and trends that could throw your business off-track.

The PAROBiz team combines workshops, roundtable discussions with experts,

one-on-one time with professionals and coaches, on-line and teleconference learning sessions, access to grants and loans and networking through our peer lending circles, so that each participant can learn at their own flexible pace, place and time. Looking at your strengths and gaps are important.

The Five Assets

A) HUMAN ASSETS ~ “Ready to Do Business”?

Business Related Skills, Training & Technical Skills, Setting Goals & Focus, Health & Wellness

B) PERSONAL ASSETS ~ ”Ready to be ME”?

Motivation, Self- Esteem & Independence, Resilience, Balance

C) SOCIAL ASSETS ~ “Ready to Connect”?

Networks / Alliances, Communications & Marketing, Relationships & Human Resources, Support Systems

D) PHYSICAL ASSETS ~ “Ready for Material Assets”?

Housing & Environment, Business Location, Food, Clothing & Necessities, Access to Services & Resources

E) FINANCIAL ASSETS ~ “Ready for the Money”?

Financial Knowledge, Financial Skills, Credit, Possessions / Equity


Adapted by PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise for The PAROBiz program

Source: Women in Transition Out of Poverty 2002, Eko Nomos FORM# 190704/01

Author: Rosalind Lockyer

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