Getting to Know the Weconomie Network Map

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Weconomie is designed to connect women with helpful business resources - including each other. Networking, mentorships, and partnerships all grow from connections made between people. We want to help foster that through the site’s Network Map area.

When you go to the Network Map page, you’ll see a long list of fellow site users. You can sort through these users using the filters at the top of the list.

Here we’ll introduce you to a few key features on the Network Map page.

Finding connections who speak your language

Though the site is mostly written in English and French, you can still message other users in any language you choose. Click the "Preferred Language" dropdown menu to view and select another option. This will filter the Network Map so it only shows users who speak that language.

Connecting with other women in business

Finding a mentor

If you are looking for someone who can advise you on different aspects of your business, click the "Looking For" dropdown menu and select "Mentor." This will filter the Network Map so it only shows users who have indicated that they are willing to be mentors.

Finding a mentee

If you would like to mentor other business owners, click the "Looking For" dropdown menu and select "Mentee." This will filter the listings to show only users who have said they are looking for advice.

Finding survey participants

This feature is for users who are doing research, either as part of an organization or independently, and would like to hear from women in business. Click the "Looking For" dropdown menu and select "Survey Participant." This will filter the listings to show users who have volunteered to help.

Finding business and funding partners

If you are looking for a business partner, select "Partner" in the "Looking For" dropdown menu. This could include people collaborating on a business idea, or working together on a funding application.

This feature is also useful if you own a retail store and would like to sell products made by other women. You can find fellow business owners who create products and want to add new customers.

Chatting over coffee

And sometimes it's nice to just chat. If you want to share your experiences with another person in your situation without a formal relationship, Coffee is the choice for you. Like the other options, you can find it in the "Looking For" dropdown menu.

Finding something more specific

If you are looking for something that the existing filters don't address, there is also a search bar. Click in the bar, type the keyword or phrase that you're looking for, then press Enter on your keyboard. Any user profiles that match your search should appear below.

We hope the Network Map sparks many fruitful conversations for you!

Author: Women's Economic Council

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