About This Website

This website is in "Beta" status meaning we're still actively developing it. Things may move around, change and there may be bugs. If you experience any issues, please contact us.

This website is a project of the Women's Economic Council, supported by Status of Women Canada.

The Women’s Economic Council is the only national organization advocating for women-centred community economic development (CED) in Canada, and we’re the only organization that supports networks of like-minded organizations that help women-centred CED flourish across the country.

Our vision? Economic security for every woman.

When we use the term “economic security,” we’re talking about the safety and security of people.

Economic security means having full access to the opportunities and resources that society should provide to everyone. It’s about empowerment and stability. When a woman has a stable income and is able to support a good standard of living into the future, she is economically secure and better able to provide for her family.

Our Board of Directors:


Melanie Conn


Gulalai A Habib


Heather Leeman

The Collective:


Valerie Carruthers


Janet Kranz


Rosalind Lockyer